KMAX 8.0.6 for Windows for Linux and for Mac OS X

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KMAX 8.0.6 for Windows for Linux and for Mac OS X

Kmax 8 is a complete environment for data
acquisition and instrument control with advanced
features for data management, visualization, and
reporting. Kmax8 is a self-consistent, fully
integrated application inter-operating with native
OS's and other compatible application programs.
Kmax is compatible with Windows XP, Intel-Linux,
and Mac OS X computers.

Kmax 8 supports single- and dual-parameter
data displays, provides a variety of formatting
options and allows the user to configure
control panels directly on the computer display.
With its ability to import and export data and
high-level support for the CAMAC, VME, GPIB and
VXI instrumentation, Kmax is well suited for
scientific and engineering computations and data
analysis. The core environment may be expanded
by adding external classes or it may be
extended to custom hardware environments by
installing user-defined Module Description
Resources and Kmax drivers.

Note: This version of Kmax requires the
Java SDK (1.4.2 or later) in order to run.
This release has been tested on the Windows
XP, Macintosh Operating System 10.4, and RedHat
7.0 platforms.

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KMAX 8.0.6 for Windows for Linux and for Mac OS X

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