Why so cheap?

OEM has always been cheap. In general it is 100% fully functional software. But it lacks manuals, promo-discs and bulk-boxes. Look around, it.s normal for OEM software to be cheap. OEM downloadable software does not come boxed, does not include bulky paper manuals, does not induce shipping costs . that is what makes OEM software cheap.
Not only that cuts down the price of OEM software. OEM software is often bought at auctions, overstocks, and development companies by the thousand copies. Wholesale has always been cheaper than retail. And OEM retail software even cheaper!

We.re able to provide the most popular retail OEM software at the cheapest prices around!

Do you sell directly? It is online shop?

No! We do not sell OEM Software directly. We are a global directory of discounted software which is sold by various dealers worldwide.
We work closely with hundreds of dealers and distributors, choosing the best prices around for you.
You can acquire the software you need at the lowest price around.

Is this software full version?

Yes. All programs are the 100% full working versions.

What language will the software be in?

All the products mentioned at the site are sold only in ENGLISH language.

What currency are the prices in?

All prices listed are in US dollars.

Are there any next-day delivery shipping services available?

That.s one of the best parts! There is absolutely no shipping needed. OEM software is downloaded from the Internet directly. No need to wait (especially when it comes to international shipping), in fact there is no need to leave the commodity of you home! OEM software is delivered instantly online. This is one of the relevant facts that makes OEM software so cheap. Less shipping costs . less money spent.

Today.s Internet connection speeds will let you get your hands on the most popular software in minutes! Those without good connection speeds will still be able to download the software with their maximum speed thanks to our powerful distributor servers.

How fast will I receive ordered software?

Almost immediately after placing an order and successfull payment you will have download links with Serial Numbers.

I want to be clear that all your software for the Mac platform?

Go to the Mac Category, and you see programs for Macintosh. All other programs are for Windows.

I made payment for my order 12 hours ago, but I don't receive any link to download

Sorry, but some times we need 24 hours to confirm your payments from billing company, but usually need 2-3 hours.

If I purchase any software will I be able to get any upgrades?

We apologize up front, but we are unable to provide technical support. With the combination of low prices and the highly competitive nature of the software business we are not able to provide technical support for a product.

Where do I get technical support?

You can find the necessary information on the installation in the program files (usually called "Read me", FAQ or "Help").

What do I get when I order something from you?

You get a ZIP archive. The downloaded archive will contain the software, the installation and other manuals (if available) and a serial number for license activation.

Where is the order link to download? Where is my email with the download link?

Please, submit ticket and check you order status; you will find all the information you need.

How can I trace (check) my order?

It's simple. Please, visit our Help Desk, submit a ticket and get serviced.

What type of a credit card I can pay?

You can pay Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, MC Maestro, Direct Debit, eCheck.

Why my order is limited up to XXX USD?

The order limit is come from restrictions of credit card processor. This is a security measure against fraud and other 'cyber-crimes'.

Do you provide money back?

Yes, of course. If you not satisfied by our service you have the right to get your money back. Please, visit Refund Section and read the instructions.

I got the software and I am happy with it!

We happy, too.

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